Friday, January 13, 2012

Who Cares

Those are really hard words.  I'm a very open person and not a very private person.  I share a great deal but my most intimate thoughts are only shared with God because people being human have let me down over and over. Me being human, I'm sure I have let people down in the past also.  I do believe that people care but seem to be caught up in gossiping and unknowingly unaware of the hurt they may be taking a part in.  They just don't care enough.  I love small town life and the benefits that come with living in one but if I had to give you one reason I did not like a small town it would be the gossip.  If you don't want it out there, then be careful who you open up to.  We add to our own life drama by sharing sometimes.  Share you joys and happiness, not your problems because honestly only a few people actually care to hear it unless it is just because they are curious. How many times have you heard "Do you want to hear some good gossip?" Say no thank you. If something is shared with you, keep the confidence.  Something very precious has just been shared with you and that is trust.

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