Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here's Johnny

I love you too Captain Jack Sparrow.  I had to post this one just for the joy of it.  I have loved each Pirate Movie.  I hope there are more.  Captain Jack Sparrow has donated to my happiness.  Thank you Johnny.

On a serious note, take a good look at him and if a man was to pass you on the street looking similar less the pirate costume, what would we really think of him.  Reality is not the same as our imagination and dreams, is it? We people are funny.

We can love someone in a movie, but real life we would probably look away.  Many of us would be disgusted. What if we were to meet the man below on the street?  Just think of the lessons this man could share.  I was an outreach worker years ago and it was my job to go into homes of those in need and offer my services.  I really loved this job and the people I met.  I especially loved the seniors who shared their pasts with me.  I could talk to them for hours and loved returning to their homes to hear more of their life.  They had very little but their memories, but I don't remember any of them complaining about a hard life.  Many were so proud they asked for nothing.  Living and their experiences seemed enough.  Be open to people.  They have much to share and we can learn so much.  Looks are very deceiving.
I'd love to hear his life story

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