Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remember When

 Continuing the "You're Off Your Rocker" theme, I hope you can smile when you remember and look back on life.  I find that I can now smile at memories that were extremely painful at the time, but now I choose to see the lighter side of the memory. I tend to block out the bad and only remember the good.  I don't know how I conditioned myself to do this but it has been the case all of my life.  I have always found it extremely funny that I lived through the same experience as my siblings and yet we all remember those same experiences differently. Maybe that is one of the gifts God blessed me with and I did not do the conditioning after all.  Thank you God for the gift.  It sure makes my life much easier and me happier.

Be happy, smile when you remember and may God bless you and yours with wonderful memories that you can smile at when your on your rocker.

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