Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Simple Golden Rules for Happiness

If you can do these simple 5 acts, you will expand your happiness many times over.

1.  A heart full of hate can not know happiness.  Hate will override happiness and only bring you sadness.  Forgive and move on.  Stay in the present and do not return to wrongs of the past.  It is a simple matter of choice.  You heart will become so much lighter when you have rid yourself of hatred.

2.  Worries destroys happiness.  Limit worrying to those things you have control over.  If you have no control then your worrying will steal happiness and hurt you physically and mentally.  Will worrying fix anything.  Probably not.  Trust in God's plan and you change what you know you can.

3.  Our lives are more complicated than ever.  Because of the speed at which our lives are moving today, we must slow things down.  I do so by living simply.  I have purposely simplified my life and keep looking at what else I can do to make it even simpler.  So much of what I have gotten rid of was so unnecessary in my life.  Things, relationships, bad memories, and extra baggage take, take, take from your happiness.  What can you get rid of?

4.  I have always been a giver and I do not want to change that.  It is at the very soul of me.  I give how I can and don't worry about the consequences.  Sometimes that has brought hurt, but I learn from it and move on because I still get joy from giving.  Don't let the takers take your gifts and not appreciate them though.  There is no happiness in that.  Give to those that appreciate you.  There is where the real happiness lies.  I'm not talking material giving.  Give of your time and talents, give hugs and affection, give experiences, give your knowledge and wisdom.

5.  Expect less from others.  You can't control others and expect people to behave they way you expect.  You can only control and change yourself.  You will find happiness when others do give to you when you expected nothing.  Expect it when you least expect it and know the happiness of surprise.

Be happy and God bless you and yours.

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