Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life Long Learning

A true story: A young art student working as a waiter in Paris; recognized Pablo Picasso in the restaurant where he worked. As Picasso was leaving, the young man went up to him: "Master, it is my great privilege to be in your presence this evening; would you honor me with a drawing on this paper napkin," and he handed the great Master a napkin, onto which Picasso scrawled something and then handed it back to the young man. In awe, the young man said, "That took you only a second." "No," said Picasso, "that took me 55 years".  Talents don’t happen over night.  It takes many years to become skilled at life.  Life requires life long learning.  Seek it out because today it is even more important with this fast moving world.  Be hungry for learning.  That is how we grow.

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