Friday, January 20, 2012

All Work Is Noble

Work brings so much with it.  It brings self esteem and pride in oneself.  It helps rid ourselves of fears and worries because if we are working hard we have no time to be afraid of the unknown.  If you are really working hard it will keep you out of trouble because you are too tired to look for trouble. When we are really busy our minds are free of negative emotions because we are focusing on the work.  All this makes work very noble.  No matter what job you are doing it gives back to you many times over.  Whether you are a farmer shoving out stalls or the President of the United States work gives us purpose and another reason for being.   Work hard, do your best and see what work gives back to you.  If you are working hard at getting out of work you will get nothing from it and it is not noble.  I’ve found that doing my best even at jobs I did not like still rewarded me well.  Hard work builds character and spot lights character in people.  Never be afraid of work.  Be afraid of not working.  I pray for all the unemployed and under-employed who wish they could be working because their lives are missing so much.

Be happy and God bless you and yours.

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