Friday, March 16, 2012

Goin' to be a Great Weekend

Picked up Saylor for the weekend and I ask him how was his week.  He said great and that today was fantastic.  That set the tone for our weekend.  It's going to be a great weekend.  I took him shopping for his birthday and true to form he wanted to buy new costumes to play with in his imaginary world.  We went out to dinner after shopping which is difficult since he has to have a gluten free and diary free diet but Red Robin now has gluten free buns so he could have a hamburger and fries.  He said it was the best hamburger he had ever had.  He does tend to be dramatic but that makes Saylor my Saylor.   I love him to pieces.  He said so many wonderful things to me as we ate that my heart is full.  Thank you Saylor for being so sweet and thank you God for my Saylor.  May he never loose his great outlook on life.

Playing Star Wars tonight.  Saylor also got a Captain Jack Sparrow costume with 3 rings
that he says he will wear tomorrow.  The rings are in the bag on his arm.  Apparently they are part of  his fantasy he is involved in right now.   

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