Monday, March 12, 2012

I See

It is funny that we can all be looking at the same thing, at the same moment and see something different.  Our outlook on live, our station in life, our feeling, our prejudices and so much more comes into play.  It is the same with what you hear.  You have played the game where you line up a group of people and the first person whispers to the person next to them something and then that person passes it on.  When it finally gets to the end the person on the end says what they were told and it is always completely different and often funny what it ends up being.  That is what so often happens in life.  We hear and see things and interpret them differently.  We walk away thinking that we have experienced the same moment as the people with us have, but we have not.  I try to keep that in mind and know that their experience was as real to them as it was to me.  This is where believes are born.  We all march to the tune of a different drummer and that makes life wonderful sometimes and difficult the next.  It is just life.  Laugh at it when you can.

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