Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheap Memory

Do you remember playing with large buttons from your mother’s button jar or box?  I do.  We played with them for hours and they whirled and buzzed while we pulled on the string.  I made them for my grandsons.  I thought I would share this memory with you.

A buzzer (buzz, bullroarer, button-on-a-string), is an ancient mechanical device used for ceremonial purposes and as a toy. It is constructed by centering an object at the midpoint of a cord and winding the cord while holding the ends stationary. The object is whirled by alternately pulling and releasing the tension on the cord. The whirling object makes a buzzing or humming sound, giving the device its common name.

A buzzer is often constructed by running string through two of the holes on a large button and is a easily made toy.  American Indians used the buzzer as a toy and, also ceremonially, as to call up the wind. Early Indian buzzers were constructed of wood, bone, or stone, and date back to 500 B.C

Go find you button jar and make one.

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