Monday, October 24, 2011


I wear a silver crucifix around my neck every day, but not to show others or as a piece of jewelry.  I wear it to remind me what Christ did for me.  He loved me so much he died on the cross for me.  My crucifix is a constant reminder of his love for me.  I wear it on a long chain so I can see it often and when ever I see it, I take it in my hands and thank Him or ask Him for His love and strength.   It is a great trigger to bring prayer to mind more often.

Years ago when I taught CCD 7th grade classes, I told the class the story of the woman willing to walk with a pebble in her shoe to show her love for Jesus.  I had gathered a lot of small pebbles and gave them to the youth to paint a cross on so they could carry it in their pocket to remind them of His love for us.  Whether you are Christain or not, we all need something to give us strength.   I hope that everyone has someone or something like my crucifix or the pebbles that they can call upon when they have a need to be reminded where they can find strength and love.  If not, put a pebble in your pocket.  It sure makes life easier for me because I know I am always loved and He walks with me at all times.  He is a constant in my life that I can always call upon.

Be happy and God bless you.   

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