Friday, October 21, 2011

Mindless Entertainment

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty when they say you should not be doing something that is fun or makes you happy.  When you were a baby, you were amused and laughed at silly things like people playing peek-a-boo or you tossing something on the floor and people picking it up over and over again.  Somewhere along the line, people are discouraged from finding simple joy in what I call mindless entertainment.  We do not always need to be productive.  So go ahead and enjoy it (as long as it is legal).  We all need simple things in our lives that give us pleasure without much effort on our part.  I play games on my computer, friends of mine like to read love stories, my mother and sisters enjoy watching NACAR, my sons enjoy watching sports.  It all adds up to you finding enjoyment and happiness from very little physical or mental effort and usually at little or no cost.  We all have our own entertainment that brings us pleasure so go do it.  You owe it to yourself.

What’s your pleasure?  Be happy and God bless you.  

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