Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Grandson Sal spending the weekend.  Josh, Sal and I picked up my foster son Donny (lived with me for over 6 year). He now lives in Mt. Vernon at a group home. We spent the day at Palisades Park on the Cedar River picnicking.  Beautiful day, beautiful weather, beautiful park.  Think we all got our daily recommended happiness allowance.  I told Sal about Donny's handicaps before we got there to prepare him and later realized that was not necessary.  On the way home, Sal said "I don't care about Donny's handicaps.  I really like him."  All 3 boys filled my heart today.  That is them over by the rapids in the upper right corner.  They're so tiny you can hardly see them.  The fall color only added to the experience.

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