Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life's Great Moments

Remember when you used to play in the leaves.  We would rake high piles and jump in them or make and design the outline of a house.  We found great fun in playing outside and at no cost.  We need to get back to those simple things again.  Happiness doesn't cost money.

We'd play hide and seek with the neighbor kids at dusk.  We were very lucky because our neighborhood had so many kids.  We hated to go in at night.  We would pull our sleds to the top of our dead end hill and go all the way down the block.  If we got up enough speed maybe we made it to the next hill and did 2 block.  We'd hang onto each other feed and do a snake on our sleds.  We would play baseball in the vacant lot with dads on Sunday or go down and help the old farmer behind us feed his chicken.  We built a hut out of branches and new grass clipping in the vacant lot. We always had wonderful adventures that did not cost a dime.  Our children, through television and the media have been sold a bill of goods that they need video games, expensive toys and equipment to play to be happy.  I'm as guilty as the rest buying things for my kids and grandchildren.  I'm now trying to create experiences and memories that will last much longer than a thing.  My time is my gift to them.

Saylor and Josh making a snowman together.  It was free !

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