Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ol' Lady Pants

Saw this picture and I just had to share.  I feel sorry for the women that wear thongs.  I personally am glad I am an old lady now and get to wear comfort rather than something that appeals to a man.   One of the funniest lines I ever heard on TV was from the Drew Carey Show when Drew was dating an older woman and one of his sidekicks said “You mean you saw old ladies pants!”  I laughed out loud just hearing it and still remember it years later and laugh.  I confess that I wear them, love the comfort of cotton and consider myself lucky to be 65 and able to make such choices.  It ain’t all bad being old.

Laugh, be happy and God bless you.

PS:  I wear ol' lady comfortable shoes too.  Poor girls that wear those high spike heals.  My mom still tells me at my age to wear "comfortable walking shoes".  I wear flip flops as long as I can get away with it in Iowa's weather and she thinks they are dangerous.  See, I'm becoming an ol' lady like her.  I'm so proud!

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