Monday, October 17, 2011

Small Wonders

We all have big wonders in our life like family and friends, but I was giving some thought to the small wonders in my life that bring great memories and happiness just thinking about it, listening to it, see it, or touching it.  We all have a memory of our most favorite song that gives us pleasure each time we hear it (or have to sing along with it); greatest thing you ever ate; greatest movie you ever saw and could see over and over again; heroes, mentors, etc.  Thought I'd share some of mine with you.  Would love to hear some of yours.

Greatest Movie - Grapes of Wrath.  Love all the writings of Steinbeck.  Love this movie because of the great black and white photography, the actors, and the story line.  Just a great, great movie.  My second would be Jane Eyre.  Another old black and white with a young Orson Wells in it.  Both equally as sad.

Greatest Food I ever ate -  When I was young my Grandma Lindley fixed sweet breads.  My granddad was a butcher and farmer and nothing went to waste.  I did not know what I was eating, but the memory of the taste still lives with me over 55 years later.  I wonder if I would love them as much if I had them now?  Second would have to be my mother's homemade chicken and noodles (made with much love to make it twice as good).

Greatest Song - I can't hear Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Ottis Reading without breaking into song.  And God help you if you are near by and have to listen to me cause I can't sing.  Second would have to be You're my Soul and my Inspiration by the Righteous Brothers.  Don't think the Righteous Brothers ever made a song I didn't like.

Greatest singer - Love Muddy Waters and B. B. King.  Don't know why people have to use alcohol or drugs to get high.  I can get high just listening to them sing.  Eddie and Staci took me to see B.B. when he was over 80 years old.  That man can still sing.  What a wonderful memory!!!!

Greatest book -  Think I talked about favorite books in an earlier blog.  I had to look at favorites by decades.  Always looking for that very favorite.  If I have to pick right now I would say Hawaii because it was like 3 or 4 books in one.  Love books that have to do with history.

Greatest author - John Steinbeck's books:  Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, East of Eden, and  Tortilla Flat.  I love the way he talks about humanity or lack of humanity.

Greatest Poet -  Maya Angelou.  She also wrote several books I love.  She is one of my heroes that I admire greatly.

Greatest Artist -  With prejudice, I have to say Grant Wood.  Since he lived near Maquoketa in Anamosa and is considered one of America's greatest, I admit that it is not the art alone that I pick him.  He tells wonderful stories in his art work.  Visit Anamosa's Pumpkin Festival in October and you can visit where he had his artist colony.  I enjoyed the tour.  Of course, my really favorite artists, without saying, are my son Eddie and my grandsons.  My home is filled with their art.  They really are very talented.

Favorite TV Show -  My two favorite TV shows have been cancelled.  I loved Monk and still am able to catch some of his old reruns once in awhile.  I was lost when they cancelled Lost.  It controlled my life.  I dropped everything and managed my life around it.  Maybe it was a good thing that happened.  Right now I can't say there is much TV that manages my life.  I do like Kathy Bate's new show Harry's Law.  I really like her as an actress.  I watch a great deal of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and the Food Channel when I watch TV.

Favorite hobby - My genealogy research is my favorite.   I have not burnt out on this hobby yet like I have many.  Again, it has to do with history and I can place my family in history going back many centuries.  It is my proud heritage and legacy to my children and grandchildren.

Each of these are great wonders to me and bring me much pleasure.  If I had to do my top 10 of each or even 20, I would have a long list of things that bring me pleasure.  I have a lot of pleasure right at hand if I just pick it up.  What wondrous joys I have awaiting.

Be happy and God bless you.

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