Sunday, October 23, 2011


“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.” –Dalai Lama

A hug is a powerful way to communicate your caring for another person, and it can feel great and greatly improve one’s mood. 

A good hug should let you feel someone’s heartbeat. The kind that tells the other person you’d hold them up if they needed it. The kind that says we’re not so different and I have faith in you.   Hugs are good  for you. Scientific studies have shown that hugs help us. Four hugs are said to be necessary daily for our survival; eight are suggested as the amount needed for good maintenance, and twelve hugs are said to be the level required for growth in an infant.  Have you had your daily recommended allowance of hugs today?  Maybe that is what is wrong with the world.  Hugs are deeply embedded in some cultures and is part of a greeting between two people.  We definitely need more hugging in the world.

Studies have proved that oxytocin levels are increased through hugging, and that this is especially beneficial for women.  Oxytocin is a "bonding" hormone. The hugs also reduced blood pressure in this study, reducing the risk of heart disease.  A good hug should last at least 6 seconds to really get the oxytocin levels to increase. 

Like a good laugh, a good old-fashioned hug is something that is such a simple fix for today’s complex lives.
Who can you hug? (Make sure you have their blessing though.  Don't be afraid to ask.)  Hugs, they are a very necessary part of our life.  How are you going to get your 12 hugs a day?  I need to work on it too.  I need my grandkids around me everyday.

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