Monday, October 3, 2011


Enjoy life by doing something you love.  I have an obsessive personality so usually become obsessed with new interests I love.  When I learned how to crochet, I made an afghan for each of my 5 sisters and 1 for my mother.  I crocheted baby blankets until I was burnt out but really enjoyed it while I was doing it.  I have done some creative quilting for my grandchildren and special babies in my life.  It has allowed me to use my art and sewing skills to give a very special love quilt to a baby I love that was joining my life.
The last quilt I made.  I made this baby quilt for Olivia, my foster son Andy's little girl.  She likes giraffes.   Picture does not show it well, but the giraffe is holding an embroidered sign with her name on it.
I used to do a lot of cross stitch and embroidery but I burnt myself out on both.  I do not have one thing I made for myself.  I gave them all away as gifts.  That also gave me much pleasure, the giving of a gift filled with much love I put into something.

I love to garden, but can't do as much as I used to.  There is something about getting dirty and producing your own food.  I love to can and look at the bounty of my work.  I love to grow herbs and dry them for the winter.  Collecting recipes and cooking is a passion of mine.  So much so, I've written a cook/gardening book for my grandchildren full of family recipes, how to grow the fruit or vegetable, and personal stories that go with them. Is there anything that makes you happier than eating great food with friends or family?

I love genealogy and haven't burnt out on that yet even though I have been doing that for over 25 years. There are always new questions and more to learn and I love history.  My research allows me to see my  ancestors in history.  It allows me to share a very proud heritage with my sons, grandchildren, siblings and I have shared it with relatives I have never known.  Word has spread among my extended family and I receive calls from all over asking for information.  Sharing our genealogy gives me great pleasure.

Hobbies have made my life fuller. I can get lost in them.  What hobbies make your life fuller and give you pleasure?

Be happy and God bless you.

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