Friday, December 30, 2011


I have always loved a beautiful new snow fall to look at, but as I grow older I’m finding I’m quite content to not have it snow.  This winter we have not been blessed with it yet and my fuel bills are low.  I find that a good thing.  I have not had to worry about shoveling, salting or ice.  That is a good thing.

When I lived in California I really missed the snow and was happy to come back and have my 4 seasons.  God has blessed us with a great deal of snow the last couple of years, so I’m content this year to have him give us a rest from everything that comes with it.  Since I do not participate in any winter sports, like skiing, I’ll just look back at old photos and find my pleasure it them. 

It is still early yet.  I might be jumping the gun.   It could still be in His plan.  I’ll be patient and see what January brings.
Last Year gave us enough for this year too!  Josh shoveling my drive out.

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