Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sneak Peak at Spring

My new harbor and meditation place.  I have red and green seedless grapes planted to cover it. 
Josh put in this little rock garden for me.  It has mostly sedums in it.  The rocks have been brought from all  over  the  US including sacred soap stone from a reservation that mines it in South Dakota.  The little garden is my favorite because of the memories.  My grandfather's Jack-n-the-pulpit is in this garden.  My pink/purple hydrangeas are just starting on the right.
Chives in bloom.  
Early spring herb garden - I plant my herbs around this patio each year.  The tomato cages are for cherry and grape tomatoes.  It's is closed to my kitchen door for easy access.
My pink roses and irises.  
Daisies, irises, day lilies, small bog with cat tails, and rhubarb.

Mother Hen & Chicks under birch with junipers.  The junipers now cover the  whole side of the patio.

My clematis.  Last years winter took it so I planted a new one this year.  

Rest in the shade with blue hostas.  Raspberry bushes, peonies and miniature lilac in back

Nature has been rough on my gardens the last couple of years.  I planted a Cortland Apple tree in honor of my mother (her favorite apple) and when we had 10 inches of rain in one day last summer and it fell.  It had just started producing a lot of apples.  I also lost 3 maple trees due to age and weather. I have lost the arborvitae in the corner of the above picture and two others due to ice and wind, so have had to replant the corner.  I loved my row of arborvitaes because they are so bird friendly, but God and/or nature decided there should be something else there.  That's why the new harbor and now I have started another garden in the corner this year.  I'm doing all variegated plants and bushes there.  I'll fill in with flowers over the next couple of years. The old fence has been replaced with a new white vinyl fence.  Weather was too hard on it and the new fence is cutting down on the maintenance. Like I said, I'm now going lower maintenance when I can.  Everything is constantly changing as in nature so I have to change with it.  

Get your hands dirty with me.  God bless you and your garden.  

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