Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm a Bird Watcher

I'm a bird watcher.  Each year when Spring comes and I see my first robin, I get so excited.  What pleasure that brings me.  I love this time of year because we are blessed with the Bald Headed Eagles flying over head.  Each year they grow in numbers so that they are now seen flying over Maquoketa on a regular basis. I saw two coming back from Cedar Rapids last week on the ground right outside of Baldwin.  Must be a pair nesting there. In January every year, Mom and I take a trip to Bellevue when the Mississippi is frozen over to count how many eagles we can see.  We stop and have a Maid Rite and then cross the road and sit and watch them until we can no longer stand the cold.  It is just awesome!

Picture I took in Bellevue of  an eagle eating a fish it caught.  A little eagle lesson... the male and female look alike in coloring.  The large ones are the females and the ones with the white heads are the adults.  Young eagles do not have the white head and tail.  
We also have swans at our local conservation office and we enjoy going and watching them.  They are breeding them so we get to see their off spring grow up.  Saylor's totem animal is a swan and they let me pick up feathers for him to put in his medicine bag.

Swans and 2 of their babies taken at Hurstville.

At Easter we go to see the pelican migrating in the Quad Cities

I feed the birds and look out my kitchen window and see many different species.  It makes me very happy.  Try bird feeding and watching as a hobby .
Feeding finches 

When I worked in Muscatine, I would go to the park and have my lunch with the  ducks.

Through my kitchen window and the screen.  

Squirrel and hawk on my garden fence.  Crazy squirrel was not afraid of it.  

I always have new babies in my trees and bushes.  

Make sure you water them if you are going to feed them.  It  helps draw more.  
I feed bird all winter.  I always have cardinals that nest in my back arborvitae trees and hundreds of house finches feed.  In winter I put out suit and it brings the downing wood pecker.
Each season seems to bring some new bird to watch.  Hope you enjoyed me sharing my birds. They are one of many of God's pleasures in my life.  Be happy and God bless you and the birds.

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