Saturday, December 7, 2013

Grilled Pizza Sandwich

This isn't my idea.  I wish it was.  It is such a great idea none the less and so simple I had to share it. If you love pizza, you'll love this grilled cheese sandwich.  

Sliced bread
Mozzarella slices
Pinch of dried basil and/or oregano 
Parmesan cheese
Pizza sauce for dipping

Warm skillet over medium heat. Butter each piece of bread on one side. When skillet is hot place a piece of bread butter side down on the skillet then add one slice of cheese and a pinch of basil and oregano.  Add a small shake of Parmesan cheese. Top with a pepperoni. Add another slice of mozzarella and top with slice bread butter side up.

When bottom slice is golden brown then flip over carefully. Once both sides are brown remove from pan cut and serve with pizza sauce for dipping.

Variation -  You can go all directions with this. Make up a buffet of different pizza toppings and make any pizza you like.  I love meat lovers and see more than just pepperoni on it.  Maybe fry up some hamburger, Italian sausage and a little onion in a pan and add it to the sandwich with the pepperoni.  Your imagination can go wild.  

Hope you have a great day.  Be happy and may God bless you and yours.  

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