Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roll Up Appetizer

Pickle Roll Ups

Do you have an old standby appetizer that you continue to use over and over?  This is mine because it is super simple.  I like to make it for all the family get togethers because it is expected and always well received.  They are gone before the meal begins and I personally like them; plus they are so easy to make.  I think I have been making these for over 40 years.  No one has complained yet about the same ol’, same ol’.  I do like to try something new with them though to shake things up.  You will need only 3 ingredients:

Thinly sliced ham
Baby whole sweet pickles (you can also use dill if you prefer)
Cream cheese

Take a slice of square deli ham and spread it with cream cheese. I love the new whipped cream cheese because it spreads so nicely.  Lay a pickle down letting the tip of the pickle overlap the ham a bit and cut the piece of ham to fit the size of the pickle and roll it up.  I then slice off the tip of the pickle sticking out for even slices.  Slice the rolled up pickle into consistent sizes. You usually can get 3 or 4  pieces out of a pickle. Take the left over remaining piece of ham with cheese on it and place another pickle that fits it well and do the same.  I like as little waste as possible. 

These are also nice because you can make them well in advance of your gathering.  Make some deviled eggs to go with them and you have two widely liked appetizers.  You can also make the deviled eggs well in advance.


I also make a variation with green onions following the same procedure of cream cheese on the ham and then cutting the ham to fit the white part of the onion and rolling it with the green part of the onion sticking out of the roll up.  My brothers grab them up first. 

Beef Roll Ups

Another roll up is a roast beef roll up.  Make a mixture of equal parts cream cheese and mayo and season it with dried dill weed and onion salt.  Put the cream cheese mixture on a deli sliced piece of roast beef and place a seedless cucumber on it.  Roll it up and slice pieces about ½ to an inch thick (you decide if you want a little bite or a big bite).  Sprinkle the roll up very lightly with onion salt and dill weed.  Be careful not over salt the cucumber.  This was an experiment on my part since it was my own creation.

The roast beef was a challenge when it came time to slice it, but it is really tasty.  The beef, dill, onion and cucumber marry together beautifully.  You might want to put the sliced beef in the freezer for 15 minutes so it does not come apart when you cut it.  Mine was so tender it was hard to work with.  Anyone have a better idea? 

Enjoy your summer get together.  Be happy and may God bless you and yours.

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