Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old School vs New School

I’m old school when it comes to cooking because that is how I was taught.  Old school doesn’t mean better or the right way only the way one does things.  If I can learn a better way, I’ll change my way of doing things.  The question is can I learn the new way or is it a better way?  As an ol’ timer now, seems like a lot of my ways are old school and I have to rethink things and determine if I should go old or new.  Sometimes I have no choice in the matter and must go new school in that all new technology is new school and you must keep up on it.  However; it is the old school in me that gave me the basics and the strong base to be able to learn the new technology.  I do pretty good for an ol’ lady and thank God for the old school in me.  

I just love this picture.  It says ol' school vs new school very well don't you think?  Makes you wonder what they are surfing on the web doesn't it? 

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