Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Things

Like my Chinese water torture theory, drip, drip, drip; it all matters and adds up.  I spoke of my bucket list today.  This applies very much to my list.  I can't tell you the pleasure I get from crossing something from my bucket list.  Have you put together a bucket list?  By the way, a great movie!  As the Lotto says you have to dream it to make it happen.  Don't let life just take you. Even at my age, I still have goals and find great happiness in working hard for them and making them happen.

I have a friend that makes maple syrup.  It is a huge family affair and a lot of hard work to get just one quart of syrup.  It begins with the slow dripping of sap, the filling of buckets, emptying them daily, hauling the buckets, the boiling down of many many buckets, and finally the canning of what they call brown gold because of all the work that goes into each quart, one drip at a time.  Making maple syrup is a good analogy of  making your goals become reality.  Hard work and patients will give you the gold.  Maybe I will call my drip, drip, drip theory the maple syrup theory in the future.  It sounds sweeter.

Thanks Karin for the sweet brown gold you have shared in the past.  I know how precious a gift it was.

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