Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home Made Beef and Noodles

I have had a craving for beef and noodles and when I saw a package of cut up beef stew meat at Aldi’s, I decided a mess or not I was making some.  Josh is home for the week end so making a big batch for him for Sunday dinner.  Will take a quart over to mom also. 

Here in farm country we do starch on starch.  It is very common for people to serve their beef and noodles or chicken and noodles on top of mashed potatoes with lots of butter and I’m not going to be breaking tradition.  They will be served up on top of mashed potatoes.

2 lbs. beef stew meat
2 quarts of beef broth
Kosher salt and pepper
1 tsp. onion powder

I’m going to be out and about today so am using a crock pot and simmering the beef all day to make it tender.  If you wish to speed it up you can do it on the stove top.  I’m also using homemade broth I had in the refrigerator, but you may used canned.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Add your onion powder (you may use onion flakes or chopped onion if you like also).  You may also grate 2 carrots and add them to the broth. Check 6 hours later and you should have very tender beef.


4 large eggs
2 cups plus flour
1 tsp. Kosher salt

Put your flour in a large bowl and mix in the salt with your fingers.  Make a well with the flour and add your 4 large eggs in the middle of the well.  Using a fork, slowly incorporate the eggs into the flour until it is all incorporated.  Add a bit more flour and with your hands kneed the dough.  When the dough is no longer real wet pinch it into 4 pieces and let it rest.  It should not take much more flour depending on the size of your eggs.

Coat your surface and rolling pin with a lot of flour.  Roll out one of the 4 balls of dough as thin as you can get it.  The thinner the dough the better.  It will not take as long to cook.  Cut the dough in half and then in half the other way.  Flour the 4 pieces well and place them on top of each other.

I use a pizza cutter to cut the noodles.  I have found it works best in trying to get thinner consistent noodles.  Slice the pile of floured dough into thin slices.  Pull them apart and toss on a plate to dry.  I like to use several paper plates to dry them.  If I don’t need all of the noodles I put them in a large baggie keeping them on the paper plate and toss them in the freezer for another day. 

When you have cut all the balls of dough let the noodles dry for at least an hour.  If you have any left over flour on the table toss it in the noodles to help keep them from sticking together. 

These freeze nicely and are great in a quick casserole. 

When your beef is tender and nearly falling apart, add your noodles while the broth is boiling.  The cooking time will vary according to how thick they are.  They will soak up a lot of the broth.  Don’t be afraid to add more broth or some water.

Taste to make sure the noodles are al dente and it does not need more seasoning.  The broth becomes thick like a gravy and goes great on mashed potatoes.  Serve with a veggie or a salad and you have a great Sunday dinner. 

Hope you have a great Sunday.  Be happy and may God bless you and yours.  

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