Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a friend that I used to try and “out poor”.  He like me, came from a very large family and we used to exchange stories about growing up and being poor.  We would exaggerate terribly and each time we would try to tell a bigger story of how we were the poorest.  It became a great game. We did it often until I was “out poored” by him.  He bested me, making me give him the title of being the poorest child.  I told him that we were so poor that we did not have any grass in our yard, we only had weeds.  He replied that they were so poor they didn’t even have dirt.  I laughed so hard, I had to tell him he had won. Thanks for all the laughs Jeff.  He has moved away and I have not had contact with him for several years. I miss his laughter and jokes. I hope his life is full of laughter.  Take time to laugh with a friend today.

Be happy, laugh and God bless you.   

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