Friday, November 25, 2011


Applied Kinesiology 

Over 25 years ago I took a workshop in Kinesiology (the study of motion).  It opened my eyes to new thinking and the fact that our body does not stop with our skin that surrounds it.  The presenter of the workshop used our bodies as tools to determine our health status.  It was eye opening and a life lesson I have carried with me.  We need to be willing to try new things and be open to new experiences before we can make intelligent decisions.  There are so many things out there that we do not know.  We need to constantly keep searching and reaching for new knowledge. 

The Doctor presenting the workshop put negative things like white bread and cigarettes in our hands and then tested our strength.  He also tested strength by putting people under florescent lights.  Everyone became very weak because these were very negative elements.  He then put positive things into our hands like vitamins and whole grains and turned off the florescent lights.  The strength came back.  He said that our bodies did not end with our skin and that we had energy that went beyond our body (an aura if you will).  Tests can be given by adding to or taking away from that energy.  It was an extraordinary experience and one that has always stayed with me.  I stopped smoking shortly after the experience.  I haven’t given up white flour completely, but use whole grains when ever possible in bread and pasta.

History on Applied Kinesiology

In 1964, Dr. Goodheart made an observation that a weak muscle could be treated and the strength immediately improved. From this simple observation, began a life long search for other treatment methods that could improve muscle strength. Along the way, he discovered factors that could negatively affect the strength and functioning of muscles. In the beginning, he named this area of investigation and discovery applied kinesiology. He chose to use the term kinesiology, as this implies the study of motion, movement and muscle function. He added the term applied because what he was doing was not the discipline of standard kinesiology.
Applied kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing as mechanism to examine a person’s body.  An AK diagnosis can determine the best form of therapy for a patient.  Doctors using applied kinesiology have an advantage over other practitioners as they have additional specific diagnostic tools to determine the best therapy for an injured person.  
Be happy, healthy, open to new ideas and God bless you.

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