Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Do you love cooking as much as I do?  It is a passion with me accept when I have to cook just for myself.  Food goes with family and friends.  It is just not the same when it is just for one.  Thanksgiving will be here in just a couple of days and I have been putting a lot of planning into what I want to take to my son’s house.  I’m anxious for our gathering and know that it will be over too quickly. 

I really enjoy watching cooking shows on the Food Channel.  I love Paula’s show.   She makes me laugh. I have been watching a lot this week to get ideas for Thanksgiving, but know that we have to still have some of the old standards to really make it Thanksgiving.  I’ll try something new and take something old also.  I’m making a new pumpkin cheese cake and will be bringing the cranberry salad and turkey for the old. I’m very thankful for Thanksgiving.  It brings me so much happiness because it is family and food. 

May your Thanksgiving be filled with great food, new memories, old traditions, laughter, much love and happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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