Thursday, November 3, 2011

Complaining about complaining

I spent yesterday morning with my 86 year old mother who lives with  acute pain everyday.  Each day I ask her how do you  feel and she says ok.  She never complains even though each step is a huge undertaking for her.  You can see the pain in her face.  We often complain about the smallest thing and I guess I’m complaining about people complaining right now.  How often do people ask you how you are but most do not really want to know? I try to be like my mother and not complain and answer with a fine or terrific.  Take the mind and the body will follow.  Complaining doesn’t fix anything.  It often just makes thing worse and you sure can’t be happy while complaining.  So as they say, grin and bare it and I’ll stop my complaining about people complaining as of now.  The next time someone asks “How are you?”  Don’t say “Could be better” or “My back is bothering me”.  Be positive, smile and say good like my mother.  She is my hero you know.

Be happy and God bless you.

People that pay for things never complain.
It's the guy you give something to that
you can't please.   - Will Rogers

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