Friday, November 18, 2011


The Buddha spoke of 'cultivating' our mind, letting unwholesome emotions and thoughts wither away while strengthening wholesome ones. Anything that is fed energy will grow. When we deliberately cultivate gratitude, we will gradually become naturally grateful people.  That works on almost anything. (If we cultivate negative mind states, jealousy or criticism, they will become who we are.) 

Be careful of what you spend your energy on.  I try to be very picky.  I have said before, I practice saying to myself: “In the whole scream of things, is this really important now, today or tomorrow?”  If it has no real importance, or it is a negative thought or emotion, why spend energy on it?

You’ll find there is much to be grateful for if you spend energy on being positive, loving and kind (add your own list of important attributes).  How do you want to touch other people?  Surely it is not in a negative manner.  In addition, it can have a domino effect and get passed onto others. 

Be happy, share positive energy and God bless you.

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