Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend …. Simple and Inexpensive

I’m reading Katie Couric’s  book The Best Advise I Ever Got (great book) and in it Mario Batali writes about keeping his recipes simple and true to himself being part of his success.  I’m in total agreement with him.  I think the more complicated and complex the recipe is the less I like it.  It is the simplest and often the most inexpensive foods that I love the most.   I know part of that comes from my up bringing, but it also comes from enjoying things that have simple tastes that my pallet can identify and enjoy.

With this being Memorial Day weekend grilling is on most peoples’ minds.  If you wish to grill an expensive piece of meat and can afford it, do so.  Me, I’m going with what is on sale and the cheaper cuts of meat.  Grilling adds char and smoke flavor so my rule of keeping it simple means just adding salt and pepper and maybe some barbeque sauce on the side for those who wish it.   If I do pork chops, I’ll probably marinate them because it will make them moister.  My marinate is usually some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little lemon, thyme, salt and pepper and I like to marinate over night to make the meat very tender.  I will be getting groceries today so I’ll decide at the meat counter what it is going to be. 

I hope you have a safe and fun filled weekend.  Remember what this weekend is about.  Thank you to all those who have served, made the ultimate sacrifice and are currently serving.  A thank you goes out to their families who serve with them.  I’ll be visiting the graveside of my uncle who died in WWII and walking the cemeteries in Andrew and Maquoketa to put flowers on markers for my grandparents and great grandparents. Please take time to remember.

Be happy and may God bless you and yours.  

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