Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Outside

It is suppose to get up to 94 degrees outside today so I’m thinking about staying in and a meal of something cold.  In fact,  just the idea of 94 degrees does not make me even want to cook or eat.  It will truly be a lazy Sunday here. 

So I think it is look-in-the-frig-veggie-bin time and see what I have for a salad.  I have canned Mandarin oranges, part of a cucumber, chopped pecans in the freezer, ice burg lettuce, and celery so that is what is going into my lunch salad. 

I’ll share with you today the dressing I’ll make. 

Juice from the Mandarin oranges
Balsamic Vinegar (Got some great white peach Balsamic vinegar in Chicago I’ll use that is so great you can drink it out of the bottle)
Salt and pepper

Pretty simple huh?  

If I had some cold chicken I would add that, but I don’t and I’m not heating up the stove to add it.  The pecans will be the protein.  I think I’ll make some cold lemonade to go with it. I'm starting to get my appetite back.  

What in your refrigerator? 

Stay cool and have a great lazy Sunday.

Be happy and may God bless you and yours.  

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