Saturday, July 27, 2013

Minion Marshmallow Army

Eatable Eyes
Black food coloring
Yellow food coloring
Blue good coloring
Powdered sugar
Skews or Popsicle sticks (plastic silverware would work also)
Giant Marshmallows
Egg carton

I took an egg carton to hold up my sticks.  I stuck holes in it with my skews before I started anything.

I began by making a not too running glaze of powdered sugar and milk (Saylor friendly so we are using soy milk).  I added blue food coloring for the pants to the minions.  I dipped the marshmallow in the glaze and stuck it on a stick and then stuck the stick in the egg carton to dry.

After they dried, I made another frosting and added yellow food coloring.  I put this in a cup so it would allow me to dip deep without making a ton of frosting and covered the rest of the marshmallow after the blue had dried.  It should not be runny but not too thick either.  Test one to see if it runs.  Put the sticks back in the carton to dry.  

Add black food coloring to any left over yellow you have.  Make it thick by adding additional powdered sugar so you can pipe it.  Put it in a baggie and cut a very tiny tip in the corner of the bag so you can pipe and draw the goggles and mouth.  Put your eyes on while the piping is still wet.  Put them in a jar to dry.  The skews weren't the best idea because they started to stick through the top, so we used straws at the end.  

For the hair, I used tiny chocolate tube like sprinkles.  I made the colored marshmallow bodies and then handed them over to the boys and they decorated them and enjoyed making and eating them.  

Don't be surprised when they smile at you with black teeth though.  I'm making them brush their teeth Staci when we are done. It is so much fun making goodies with the boys.  I hope someday they will do it with their grandchildren and tell their grandchildren about what they did with their grandma Elaine. 

Be happy and may God bless you and yours.

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