Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stay In The Moment 

I have sung the praises of A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle to anyone that would listen.  The book was a spiritual awaking for me.  Eckhart says you need to make friends with the present moment.  When your ego begins to control the situation, stay in the moment.  Ego hates the present moment and staying in the moment will rid you of your ego which can control your life and steals happiness and energy from you.  If you stay in the moment, it helps us rid ourselves of the constant stream of involuntary and compulsive thinking and emotions that rule us.  It is a long and continuous process, but worth it.  It is easy to fall back into the old ways so I need to continually tell myself to stay in the moment.  Just saying it in my head helps rid myself of that voice trying to cash in the "green stamps" (old negative thoughts that you carry around with you and that you are always ready to cash in).

He says that complaining is one of ego's favorite strategies for strengthening itself.  No one wants to hear our complaining and it give you no benefit in life.  You need to practice ridding yourself of complaining.  That is hard to do when it is deeply embedded in your life.  If you do not pull in the past and worry about the future, it makes the process easier.

He also says the ego identifies with having and never has enough causing unhappiness.  I have long said that things are not important.  I learned that when Eddie was a child and he broke something expensive that I loved after I had told him not to play ball in the house and that he was going break something.  He was so terribly sorry and I could see it upset him more than it did me.  I told him that it was just a thing and not important.  He was what was important and the lesson he just learned.  I have told myself many times since then that things are not important.  People are what is important.  This idea was a very necessary lesson in my life so that I could foster parent 31 children.  We have so much more than what we need and things begin to control our lives.

Great, great book.  Stay in the moment and God Bless you.

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