Monday, September 19, 2011

3.  Show love daily so people know it exists.

Love is like air.  You can’t see it unless something is added like the wind blowing the trees or the air is polluted dirtying the air.  You can’t see love unless someone is showing it in someway.  Without showing you love someone by your touch, your communication, your gifts, your valuable time and attention, and respect, how can a person ever see or know it?  If you love someone, you must communicate that love many times a day so there is proof of that love making it visible and known.  Whether you are talking about loving a small child, a spouse or a friend, your saying “I love you” isn’t near enough. Say it often but then back it up:

  • Touch relays it quickly in a hug or a kiss.  Make those long hugs.  The longer the better.  
  • A warm kiss saying hello and good-bye
  • A simple meaningful gift that shows you put some real thought into it.  Don’t wait for special occasions.
  • Sing it
  • Help out with a chore or project
  • Spend quality time
  • Smile at them often.  Laugh with them often.
  • Make or share great food they love to eat (My mom's chicken and noodles always shows her love to us)
  • Make sure there are many more positive than negative communications or it won’t be believed
  • Call them by a special name only you share with them
  • Complement them on little things they do or how they look
  • Share of yourself and your time.  Give them 100% of your attention
  • Show complete respect for their views and ideas.  You don’t have to agree, but agree with their right to have their opinion
  • Listen, listen and listen some more
  • Make them know you enjoy their company 
What can we add to this list?  Share different ways you show your love.

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