Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine Tortilla Chips

I have book club tomorrow and we are having Mexican food so thought I'd play with Valentine Mexican dessert.  Here is what I came up with.  I'm making my chocolate covered strawberries and serving sweet tortilla chips on the side for a Valentine finger dessert.  I've posted my stuffed strawberries before so you can do a search using the search tool up in the left hand corner by just typing stuffed strawberries.  Today I'm showing you how to make a very simple dessert that anyone can make in minutes.

Take small flour tortillas and using a kitchen scissors and quarter them.  It is easy to turn the quarter piece into a heart by just making 3 simple cuts.  Round the two corners and one more cut to cut down into the top making it a heart.

Make a bowl of just powdered sugar and a bowl with sugar and cinnamon to your taste.  I like lots of cinnamon.  Set aside.

Put vegetable oil in a large fry pan and heat on medium.  Once the oil is hot, drop your hearts into the hot oil. Do not over crowd and do not walk away.  It does not take long to brown.  Flip after you see browning starting.  

Take out of the oil when both sides are golden brown and drain on  paper towel.  While still hot, dip your warm chips into the sugar of your choice.  I like to make both but you can just stay with one if you like.  Because it does not take long to make you can serve these while they are still hot.  Serve them with chocolate syrup to dip in or as a cookie with ice cream.  They are great just to eat alone.

Variation - Not a dessert person then use corn tortillas and make corn chips and serve with your favorite salsa.  

You can also take a large tortilla and cut larger hearts.  For Valentines Day try make quesadillas or tostadas piled high with your favorite toppings.  

Try making a taco salad using your heart chips.  

Hope I gave your some new ways to celebrate Valentines Day via the tortilla.

Have a great day and may God bless you and yours.  

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